My first online course

News / 10 December 2019

Now I know why people just record their damn screen and upload the raw video as a time-lapse or something.
It is so much f* easier! Anyway, I finally finished it. That is a victory already.

So if you are willing to make this victory even sweeter and (hopefully) learn something along the way, please have a look at it and let me know what you think.

You can find all the information in here:

Thank you!

Anatomy Contest - Winners and afterthoughts

News / 11 May 2019

It didn’t take too long for me to realize that even a simple contest like this requires quite an effort to make sure it all workes well. Even with all the notes and thinking behind some mistakes were made, and so some changes we necessary.

This is a sculpting contest first and foremost but also an excuse for me to help others, therefore I picked two winners who got the prize as stated before AND I also picked three more people who I felt like would benefit from the sculpt-over video. The likes count was not a criteria after all.

A few small changes for the better… I hope :)

Here are the two winners, who got my Bundle product + sculpt-over video:

Here are the three honorable mentions, who got the sculpt-over video only:

A big thank you to everyone that took their time to get involved!!

Here's the final video, after trying to save one model at a time #saving3dworld:

Please visit my instagram for more updates:

Here are the links to the time-lapse videos that inspired this contest:

Anatomy Contest

News / 29 April 2019

It's mostly an excuse for people to study and maybe get some free stuff in the process, so I hope you join it and have fun.


Please follow all of these steps to compete:

  1. Follow me on instagram: @fabiopaivart
  2. Like this instagram promotion post
  3. Sculpt a human nose OR eyes OR mouth OR ear (using any 3D software)
  4. Post your work on instagram and tag me: @fabiopaivart
  5. Use the hashtag: #saving3dworld
  6. Read the rules!!!



  1. Prizes: a copy of "Human Head time-lapse Bundle" from my artstation store PLUS a time-lapse sculpt-over of your submitted model done by me.
  2. Duration: ends on 07/may/2019 (around a week to finish)
  3. Who: anyone can do it
  4. 2 (two) winners will be chosen based on instagram likes and my own judgement.
  5. Once the winners are picked, I will personally get in touch so we can find the best way to transfer files, etc.
  6. By entering this contest you agree that I can use your submitted model and the video correction to promote my product, etc.

***This contest is not sponsored by or associated with Instagram or Artstation in any way***


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