Anatomy Time-Lapse: Mouth


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Watching how other people work have always been of great help to me and that's why I've created this time-lapse series: you will watch me explore shapes and design solutions when sculpting the human anatomy in ZBrush. 

Anatomy knowledge by itself is of no use if not applied under appealing shapes, so I hope what you get from this content is:

- improved ability to see better shapes on the human face
- realization that perfect anatomy is not crucial
- inspiration to push or simplify forms to a level that feels right to you
- a reminder to nurture your most experimental side

These videos are sped up 5 times and they do not contain voice-over, but I still added music and edited in a way that I feel like makes it a good watching experience.

Since this is not for production specifically (although it will surely help your artistic development), the technical workflow is quite simple: use any primitive, block shapes with dynamesh, zremesher when close enough and then the usual subdivision sculpting.

What you get if you buy me this coffee:
- 1 sped up video (9 to 14 minutes), with 3-4 different sculpting iterations (age, gender or ethnicity) of the same subject
- 1 ztl file with each iteration as a separate subtool
- a new friend!

* NOTE: Remember, you can get the bundle (mouth, eyes, ear, nose) with a discount!! *

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with me!

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